An introduction to move in

please display of your name and address as soon as move in t you can display at fixed position of the mail box

about key; as you may notices the key is very important for

you may want to avoid put your name and address to key-hol

Electricity; since transmitted to each house , it can be used b, which the address and name of electric Company were printec irrespective of  the fact of move-in.

About water ; water comes out when a main cock was opened cock in advance preparing the lpng term going-out and also become clear. Usually, need to mail post card of water use bask us.

*Incidentally ,as for the water supply charge aharge after house rent

About gas; a main cock for gas supply can be turned on only to your house on the date of move -in and return on it with

About telephone internet : J.com :Application by fax thorough sanken agency

Attention item after move-in

①The treatment of the house please clean the sash bottom once a while from dust,otherwis

②DO NOT paste a wall and also stick stackers/ poster on the